Watch for the first time .. Pictures of the Black Stone in the Kaaba, taken in high quality


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The Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques Affairs announced, on Sunday night, Monday, the documentation of the Black Stone using the “Fox Stack Panorama” technology, which is the technology that produced for us one of the most accurate images that we may ever see of the Black Stone.

She explained that the photography was for a period of 7 hours, with the number of 1050 “Fox Stack Panorama” images, and the image resolution was 49 thousand megapixels and the processing time was more than 50 hours of work.

The Presidency of the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques stated in a series of tweets on «Twitter» that the «Fox Stack Panorama» technology in which the images are combined with different clarity, in order to produce for us a single image with the greatest accuracy of the Black Stone.

The Black Stone is the starting and ending point of the circumambulation around the Holy Kaaba. It has an oval shape, is reddish-black in color, and has a diameter of 30 cm. It is located in the southeast corner of the Holy Kaaba from the outside.

And it was mentioned in the biography books that the Messenger, may God bless him and grant him peace, when he was thirty-five years old (i.e. before the mission), the Quraysh wanted to rebuild the Kaaba, so there was a disagreement about which of them would have the pride of putting the Black Stone in its place, until war almost broke out between them because of that .

Finally, it was agreed that they would judge among themselves the first to enter the Gate of Safa. When they saw Muhammad, the first to enter, they said: “This trustworthy person has accepted his ruling.”

Then they told his story to him, so he said: “Come to me a garment” and he brought it, and he spread it, and he took the stone and put it in his hand in it and then said: “Let the chief of each tribe take a side of this garment.” It is the stone and put it in place, and thus settling the dispute.

According to the Islamic doctrine, it is enacted for the one who circles the Holy Kaaba to receive the Black Stone (that is, touch it with his hand) and kiss it when he passes through it.

black stone
black stone
black stone
black stone

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