Watch: Kinda Alloush attacks a participant in the landfill program and loses her control


The Syrian actress, Kinda Alloush, was unable to control her nerves, after she fell victim to the comedy program “5 Stars”, where she was accused of damaging the exhibition of her colleague Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, one of the heroes of the plot.The beginning was the luring of Kinda Alloush by Nour under the pretext of attending the blessing of Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi on the occasion of the opening of his new car showroom, and Kinda hurt and was happy as she blessed Al-Sharnoubi, but soon one of the participants in the program provoked her, until Nour came, and Al-Sharnoubi asked her to try a sports car, and she refused At the beginning, “Congratulations, Sharnoubi, and Sabni, I’ll go,” according to (Erm News).


During the situation, she was persuaded by Noor, and she got into the car and did not know that the car’s brakes had been removed, and the car moved with it very quickly to crash into the glass and crash, so her reaction came with a loud screaming and denouncing what had happened.

Then she was accused by one of the participants in the program of smashing the exhibition, responding to her, “I am a factory, I did not need Hamd Eddy Aliky, keep silent”, and Alloush hit one of the participants in the program.

In the end, Al-Sharnoubi and Nour revealed that Kinda had fallen in the plot, to which she replied, shocked, “You are doing a trick, Nour, it is reasonable, I cannot believe.”It is noteworthy that the “Five Stars” program, for the first time, brings together artists Ghada Adel, Nour, Karim Fahmy, Mustafa Qamar, and Muhammad Al-Sharnoubi, and they present hidden camera episodes in an unconventional manner, in which the guest is exposed to many exciting situations and unexpected surprises.

A number of artists fell in the plot, and the most prominent of them were: Saber Al-Rubai, Haifa Wehbe, Nicole Saba, Mido, Jumana Murad, Nawal Al-Zoghbi, Reham Abdel Ghafour, Ahmed Rizk, Nadia Al-Jundi and others.


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