Watch Menna Arafa, you will not answer her: Rania Youssef is back


Today, Saturday, actress Menna Arafa celebrated her twenty-second birthday, as she was born on May 1, 1999.

Menna Arafa shared her audience and followers, with a new photo of her celebrating her birthday at home with her dogs, through her personal account on the famous Instagram photo and video exchange site, and commented: “My birthday is 22”.

Many of her followers interacted with the post, and comments poured in on her, the most important of which are: “God bless your life.

It is noteworthy that Menna Arafa started acting for the first time through the series “Cinderella” with director Samir Seif in 2005, and then participated in many cinematic works, including: “Industrial Bumpy”, “Dream of a Life”, “The Romantic Love”, and Last Kalam. She also participated in all the sitcom seasons, A Man and Six Women.

Menna Arafa raised a lot of controversy about the fact that she was related to the Youtuber Ali Ghazlan, as they appeared on more than one occasion and the romantic pictures and mutual comments spread between them, which made the audience guess about their emotional connection. He sure is just a friend.

With pajamas - see Menna Arafa, you will not answer her righteousness: I returned Rania Youssef


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