Watch .. the director, “Malik Najar,” tells the strange story of an “event of manifestation” that occurred to him, his ascension to the sky and his meeting with the angels!


Al-Marsad Newspaper: Malek Nagar, director and producer of animation, narrated, on Monday evening, the details of a strange story of a “transfiguration incident” that occurred to him and through which he rose to heaven and met beings he described as “angelic”, confirming that it made a great change in his life.

Pain of unknown cause

“A few years ago, I experienced pain in the lower abdomen in the bladder area and I went to a doctor and he told me you have an infection and he dispensed antibiotics to me, but it did not help,” Najjar said in his interview with the “Liwan” program on “Rotana Khalijia”.

He added: “The pain continued and I began to resolve again, and the doctor said the inflammation was gone .. And of course this is a major dilemma, your body hurts and the doctors say we do not know what the problem is, and the pain was excruciatingly what I slept from at night and the painkillers did not work.”

Resignation and return home

“Najjar” stressed that “this affected my work and submitted my resignation, and I sat for a month struggling and did not improve, and returned Dawadmi to our home, and on the night I drove my car I reached stages of excruciating pain that pushes you to the edges of insanity, and I began to have convulsions.”

He explained, “There were no stations on an agricultural road, and no one … I said to stand on the side, afraid to be shocked … I got out of the car and parked it on the side … I said to throw myself on the side of the road with something that someone could heal me if I fainted.”

I felt out of my body

“Najjar” continued: “On my way, I fell on the ground and seemed to be in a very strange condition .. I felt that I was leaving my body with all the meaning of the word. I did not feel that I was dreaming or it was a strange situation because sometimes one can hallucinate.”

The director described this situation as “it was higher than the usual awakening. When I entered this state, I felt that my soul was coming out of my body, and I saw my body on the ground and I felt that I was thrown into the sky, and I know that the words are strange.”

I rose to heaven and met angelic beings

“I rose to the sky and met creatures that felt they were angelic beings, and when I met them, I entered into a state that all the noise in the world ceased, in which a motor was working in my head and stopped at this moment, a strange state of calm.”

“Najjar” concluded that “it was a very strange state of peace, at the height of sweetness, or at the top of beauty and comfort, and I felt that the creatures embraced me and loved me .. And then I came back from this state, and I was seeing the earth beneath me and suspended in the sky.”


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