Watch the emotion of Mohamed El Shennawy for the Al-Ahly player after the goal of El Gouna (video)


The goal of Mohamed Naguib, defender of El-Gouna, against Al-Ahly, who drew with it for his team, caused the emotion of Mohamed El-Shenawy, goalkeeper of the Red Genie, against Al-Ahly’s players, especially since the goal came in the 85th minute of the second half, and Al-Ahly did not succeed in adjusting the result.

The cameras of the meeting showed El-Shenawi’s emotion in the face of the Al-Ahly club players, and he told them: “I know,” indicating that he had a feeling that the opposing team scored a goal in his net, as well as not stationing his players inside the penalty area.

Al-Ahly fell in front of El-Gouna in the trap of a positive draw during the match that was held between them this evening at the Tasad Al-Salam stadium within the Al-Salam Stadium, within the week’s postponed competitions. With this result, Al-Ahly’s balance rose at point 37 behind Zamalek, the leader with 40 points, but Al-Ahly left two postponed matches.

Al-Ahly opened the goals through Taher Mohamed Taher at the 55th minute of the second half. Al-Ahly’s goal came at the 55th minute, after Taher Mohamed Taher “Kerbaj” scored against Islam Tariq, El Gounas goalkeeper. And at the 85th minute, which saw the equalizer for the Al-Ghardaqi team, after Mohamed Naguib headed the ball into the El Shennawy net, the former Al-Ahly player refused to celebrate after his goal against the red giant.

The first half between Al-Ahly and El-Gouna ended with a negative draw during the half that was held between them on the grounds of Al-Salam International Stadium in the 16th week of the premier league competition, season 2020-2021.

Al-Ahly entered the first half relatively calm in front of El-Gouna, unlike what the red genie presented in front of Enppi and Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi, in which Al-Ahly provided a strong and fast first round.

Al-Ahly tried periodically during the first half to take advantage of the passes of Nasser Maher, Badil Mohamed Magdi Qafsha, who sat on the bench, and the first attack of the Al-Ahly club was through Mahmoud Kahraba, who tried to hit the ball inside the penalty area of ​​the Ghardaqi team, but Luay Wael, the player of El Gouna, intervened at the right time and saved his goal From a certain goal.

Nasser Maher appeared at a low technical level, especially as he tried in many attacks to keep the ball in his feet, which made him lose the ball and wasted direct attacks on his team. And at the 35th minute of the first half, the meeting lacked serious attacks on the goalkeepers, especially since the Al-Ahly team was punctuated by many changes in the starting line-up that Pitso Mosimani started with, after the South African coach joined his playmaker Nasser Maher instead of Qafsha, and Akram Tawfiq in the midfield. Instead of Amr Al-Sulayyah.

The last minutes of Omar witnessed the forced change of Al-Ahly, after Saad Samir complained about the front muscle, which forced Musimani to remove him and involve Yasser Ibrahim.

In the second half, Al-Ahly scored its first goal through Taher Mohamed Taher at the 55th minute of the second half. Al-Ahly’s goal came at the 55th minute, after Taher Mohamed Taher Kerbaj struck the net against Islam Tariq, El Gounas goalkeeper.

The second half witnessed a great technical calm, especially as the El-Gouna players lacked distinct attacks on Al-Ahly’s defenses, except for a single shot by one of the players at the 65th minute, and the 85th minute, which witnessed the equalization goal of the Al-Ghardaqi team after Mohamed Naguib headed the ball into the net of El-Shennawi, who rejected the former Al-Ahly player. Celebration after his goal in the net of the red genie.

Petso Mosimane, coach of the club’s first football team, announced the formation of Al-Ahly for the El Gouna match, which will be held this evening at the “Al-Ahly WE Al-Salam” stadium, which was postponed from the 16th round of the Premier League championship.

The formation was as follows:

Goalkeeper: Mohamed El-Shennawi.

Defense line: Ahmed Ramadan Beckham – Rami Rabiaa – Saad Samir – Ahmed Nabil Kouka.

Midfield: Aliou Diang – Akram Tawfiq – Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba – Hussein Al Shahat – Nasser Maher.

Offensive line: Mohamed Sharif.

And sitting on the bench: Ali Lotfi – Yasser Ibrahim – Marawan Mohsen – Walid Suleiman – Amr Al-Soulia – Salah Mohsen – Muhammad Majdi Afsha – Taher Muhammad Taher – Muhammad Hani.


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