Watch .. The first TV appearance of Horeya Farghali after her return to Egypt


The artist Houria Farghali revealed the details of having 4 plastic surgeries on her nose in the United States, in her first statements after returning to Egypt.

“The injury started 9 years ago, I was in the Egyptian equestrian team, and the horse fell overhead and completely broke the climate,” Farghali said, during her interview on “Zoom” with Dr. Moataz Abdel Fattah, on the “Under the Sun” program, on the “Shams” satellite channel.

She added, “My treatment journey went through many countries, such as France, Austria, Britain, Sweden, Denmark and others, until I reached America.”

She continued: “In America, I said that my operation is very difficult because of the many operations that I did. I did 11 operations before I went to America, and the number of operations, of course, made the world more expensive. Dr. Gali must stay with me here for 4 months because I did the operation 4 times.”

She continued: “During the 4 months, I used to take oxygen sessions every day, because the blood did not go to the nostril … The first operation took about 11 hours, and it was very painful, and the two after that were normal, and the fourth and I took the hospital like this once and I went back because I didn’t see the veins in my body pure”.

The artist, Houria Farghali, revealed her face for the first time after returning to Egypt from the United States after she had undergone 4 plastic surgeries, thanking the public who called her for all these years since the beginning of her suffering after breaking her nose, saying: “Praise be to God. A thousand Hamad and thanked him thanks to the people’s prayer for me, and I kept smelling food for the time being and I remained hungry, praise be to God. ”She continued:“ I am still a little sweat, but I would like to reassure people that I remained good, thank you to all those who supported me. ”


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