Watch .. the first video from the Damietta – Mansoura train accident site


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Al-Masry Al-Youm publishes the first video from the site of the Mansoura-Damietta train tractor exit from the tracks, in the campus of Kafr Saad Al-Balad station, without any injuries.

Today, Saturday, the Railways Authority announced that this morning, during the course of the 47-passenger train in Tanta / Mansoura / Damietta, from the Al-Nafadi railway in the hush of Kafr Saad Al-Balad station, the tractor 3048 left the tracks in the diversion area, occupying the long line without any injuries.

The railway authority added in its statement that the lifting equipment has been directed and trains are rotating from both sides of the malfunction.

She explained that a technical committee was formed, headed by the district director, to find out the reasons for the tractor derailment and hold the negligent accountable.

The Public Prosecution decided in Kafr Saad Governorate Damietta Today, the reservation of the shunt operator and driver Mansoura Train – Damietta After the train tractor derailed near Medina Kafr Saad And before entering the station, because the train had not been diverted towards the station.

Major General Tariq Mujahid, Director of Damietta Security, received a notification from the head of the Kafr Saad Center that a train left the tracks at Kafr Saad Center without any casualties.

Detective officers, executive and security leaders moved to the place of the report, and it was found that the tractor of the train No. 47 was coming from Mansoura And the one heading to Damietta near Kafr Saad, and it was found that the diversion was not carried out to alter the course of the train on the tracks, and there were no injuries or casualties due to the slow train.

The shunt operator confirmed that he had switched the rails, but due to a malfunction the shunt did not move and the train continued its way off the rails.

A report on the incident was issued and referred to the Public Prosecution Office for investigation, which decided to take into custody the train driver and the diversion worker, and to assign an engineering committee from the railway to explain the causes of the accident.

The derailment of the train stopped the movement of trains on the line, and the railway pushed a winch to lift the tractor and bring it back on the line again.

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