Watch the king of Qurah after the mold “Ramiz, his mind flew”, an innocent child or a daring female? Madam


For the first time, Ramez Jalal reveals his confusion before executing one of the landfills in the “Ramez His Mind,” program, confirming that the expected victimKing of Qura“She still combines two personalities, the first is the gentle and beautiful child as her fans knew her, and the second the sexy female after she got old, but in the end he settled on torturing her without mercy saying: You will not see a black night of this night.

King of Qura
King Qura and Hassan Asiri (Screen shot of the episode scenes)

Ramez Jalal said in his introduction: Today’s episode, we are on God, and as you will not come, the guest who with us lives with two characters, the first is the innocent girl, the innocent, and the second, capable, bold banana. The child who grew up inattentive to the kitten, the cat who stayed on the fire and the hot baby face, with us is the king of Koura. “

Ramez Jalal mocked the look of the king of Koura, saying: The Countess of Triumph Square, dressed in white in white, but Al-Ahly is everyone, entering and meeting her friends in the Al-Jazirah club and the hairdresser of Naglaa Fathi in the movie (Remember Me).

And he continued, “What tassels in this jacket are you working with Saad Al-Soghair?”

Ramez Jalal deliberately hit the king of Koura in the foot while playing the girl ball game, and Koura expressed her pain after she was exposed to a barrage of rubber bullets that prompted her to leave the game and ask for immediate exit.

The king of Kora refused to participate in the program’s first competition, which was held in a swimming pool through which the contestant passes inside a transparent capsule.

Malak did not stop screaming since the start of the “Hop Droop” capsule game and kept repeating the phrase “Oh my lover”, and lost the ability to breathe due to the unpleasant smell that Ramez Jalal sprays into the capsule, and she hid in the chest of Ramez Jalal, and completely refused to jump from the capsule into a basin Swimming despite being exposed to provocations by Ramez Jalal disguised as an Indian man, and the program team was forced to push her out of the capsule by force.

Malak expressed her shock as soon as Ramez revealed his true identity, and Ramez’s reproach remained on the plot and cried again, saying I was pregnant, but she agreed to reconcile with Ramez and as soon as she announced her acceptance of the episode show, Ramez pushed her into the pool again.

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