We publish Zamalek’s grievance to the Football Association to reduce Imam Ashour’s punishment


The seventh day is unique in publishing the complaint submitted by the Zamalek club to the Football Association, against the disciplinary committee sanctions against Imam Ashour, the white team’s player, and a number of Zamalek players, born in 99.

Grievance in Zamalek (1)

Zamalek officials revealed that the white club sent two grievances to the Football Association, the first for Imam Ashour and the second for the rest of the players, and they were handed over to the Football Association on the same day.

Zamalek grievance (2)

On the other hand, Counselor Adel El Shorbagy, head of the grievances committee, confirmed that the decision to suspend Imam Ashour, the Zamalek player, had 12 matches, due to the lack of a grievance from the Zamalek club or the player against the punishment signed by the Disciplinary Committee.

Zamalek Grievance (3)

Al-Shorbaji added to Al-Youm Al-Sabea that the grievance that he received from the Zamalek Club included the names of Ahmed Eid, Saif Farouq Jaafar, Yahya Moftah and Saif Al-Din Al-Sayed, and it was rejected and the penalties issued against them were upheld by the Disciplinary Committee.

Zamalek Grievance (4)

The Appeals Committee of the Egyptian Football Association also supported the decision to deduct three points from the Ismaili in the event that the ruling of the International Sports Court in favor of Al-Nujoom Club was not implemented within 30 days from the date of February 23, 2021, and the committee decided to accept the Ismaili’s grievance in this matter in form and rejected it in substance.

The committee decided to issue its decision in the grievance submitted by Rabei Yassin against the decision to suspend it for 6 months during its next meeting.

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