We reveal opportunities for Maaloul, Ajay, Ashraf, Hamdi and Bannon to participate in the confrontations between Zamalek and Sun Downs … and Musaimani raises the concern of the Al-Ahly administration – AhlyNews.com


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The results of the Al-Ahly club have deteriorated dramatically during the last period, specifically in the Premier League competition, where the Red Genie suffers from a major shake-up in the results, as the team has only 14 points in the local championship until this moment.
The technical director of the Al-Ahly club sought to communicate with the medical staff to find out the position of the injured in catching up with Zamalek in the Premier League competition, in addition to their position on catching up with the South African Sun Downs in the quarter-finals of the African Champions League.

– Will Maaloul catch up with Zamalek and Sun Downs?

The Tunisian professional will be absent from the Zamalek club meeting, but he will be able to participate in the Sun Downs match in mid-May in the quarter-finals.

Will Nigerian professional Junior Ajay join me against Zamalek and Sun Downs?

He will be able to play a part of the Zamalek match, and he will also face Sun Downs naturally.

– What about Hamdi Fathi’s position regarding participation in the summit meeting in front of Zamalek and the Sun Downs meeting?

Hamdi Fathy, the Red Castle midfielder, could catch a portion of the summit match, but what is certain is the player’s ability to catch up with the two Sun Downs.

When will Ayman Ashraf return?

The technical staff of the Al-Ahly club sought to provide the effort of Ayman Ashraf after he complained of a roughness in the knee, as the technical director prepares him to push him mainly in the Zamalek meeting and then in the two games of Sun Downs after he got time to rest in the last period.

– Badr Bannon’s return date

Betso Mosimane, coach of Al-Ahly club, prefers not to push the player except in the two most difficult confrontations, against Zamalek on May 10, then the South African Sun Downs matches.

– Musimani numbers in the league annoy Al-Ahly fans and Al-Ahly management

– Up to this point, he lost 14 points since the beginning of the current season, and Al-Ahly’s goal since the start of the Premier League competition has met 12 goals, and during the last 15 days Al-Ahly has scored 7 goals.

– Al-Ahly club suffered its second defeat this season after losing Smouha with two goals to one, and then the defeat again in front of Ghazl El Mahalla with a clean goal.

– Al-Ahly’s attack rate decreased, and in recent confrontations the team lost its offensive teeth, and the rate of goal scoring and the rate of opportunity creation decreased.

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