What did Houria Farghali say about her resemblance to Michael Jackson? Fikrun and Art – Stars and Celebrities


The Egyptian artist, Houria Farghali, responded to her exposure to a lot of bullying, as well as describing her as having become like Michael Jackson, which angered her very much, saying, “I got upset and didn’t benefit. It is said about me that I look like Michael Jackson and that I looked like a monster. That made me lose confidence in myself as a girl.”

Houria Farghali continued, saying: “Countries said about me that I did the“ The Witch of the South ”series, so that my appearance remained a monster and feared, so I would take roles worthy of me.

It is noteworthy that the crisis of the artist Houria Farghali had started when she suffered a fall from the back of the horse, which caused a fracture in her nose, and then tried to perform a number of operations, but she failed.

But recently, she traveled to the United States of America and underwent four operations, and indeed achieved the desired success, and recently returned to Cairo.

And she confirmed that there are many of the artistic community who have let her down and did not ask about her, including her relatives who did not pick up a phone on her.



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