What documents are required to register a “inherited” real estate in the real estate month? H


Books – Muhammad Sami:

The proposed wording of the Real Estate Registration Law included some amendments in order to end the controversy of registering a property that was “inherited” or reached its owner through inheritance.

The proposed amendment included Article 49 of the current Law No. 116 of 1946; To be in compliance with Article 22, as amended in accordance with the new proposals.

The amendment to Article 49 stipulated: “The following papers must be attached to the application: official attestation, judgment or other documents confirming the right of inheritance, in addition to the title deeds of the bequest to the aforementioned real estate, taking into account the provisions of Article 23. In Article 23 bis, and if the origin of the inherited property is inheritance, the document proving the right of inheritance shall be attached to the application.

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