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Sunday May 16, 2021

Books – Muhammad Sami:

The proposed amendments to the Real Estate Registration Law stipulate the papers and documents that must be submitted when submitting a monthly property application; It is an amendment procedure to Article 22 of Law No. 114 of 1946.

The proposed amendment, which is exclusively published by Masrawy, stipulates that the requests stipulated in Article 10 include data indicating the personality, capacity and authority of each party, with the exception of those issued regarding them the final judgments required to be published, in addition to a digital map with the coordinates and data of the property or unit subject to registration or Another official document bearing the same data, in addition to a statement of the legal basis for the registration request and an acknowledgment by the concerned person of the rights established on the property, if any, and the amendment of that article aims to simplify the procedures for applicants for registration and make them accessible to everyone, taking into account the tremendous technical development at the present time.

The proposal included adding an article 22 bis to the law, which stipulates that the requests for the month are not registered unless they fulfill the data and documents mentioned in Article 22 attached to the draft of the document to be published.

This article aims at preserving the rights of the concerned parties from non-serious requests that are submitted with the aim of hindering them from registering their property, reducing the search period, adjusting this period, and easing the burden of searching for useless requests from the Tax Office The Tax Office will not be registered in its record of precedence unless it fulfills all the necessary data and documents for its month.

The proposed amendment included Article 23 bis, and it stipulated that if the subject matter of the registration request was one of the facts referred to in Article 10 bis or if the original property or the right in kind was the subject of the month request not based on one of the documents stipulated, and the person concerned requested its attribution to one of these facts, The commission must investigate the availability of the conditions for these facts in accordance with the provisions of the law, then refer the request to the office of the month with its opinion within thirty days of submitting the request.

A committee formed in the Office of the Month headed by the Secretary of the Office and the membership of the two oldest assistant secretaries and technical members To consider the application and the objections submitted regarding it, and to issue a final decision accepting and rejecting the application within seven days from the date of submitting the papers to it.

The application shall be entitled to a fixed fee of no more than five hundred pounds, in addition to the publishing and transportation expenses determined by the executive regulations of the law, and the provisions of the previous paragraphs in the amendment do not apply to real estate stipulated in Article 970 of the Civil Law, nor to vacant lands.

The philosophy of amending this article came in line with the provisions of Article 10 bis which is proposed to be added to the law regarding the independent month of the event establishing the real estate right. The procedures for this procedure have been changed to be more effective and at the time when the registration procedure is in progress allows those concerned who have rights over these real estate They object to this action.32

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