What does it mean for Facebook to acquire the virtual reality platform Downpour?


Facebook’s Oculus division recently acquired a new virtual reality game developer, acquiring Downpour Interactive, the studio behind the multiplayer military simulation game Onward.

Mike Verdu, Vice President of Virtual Reality Content for Facebook, said: We have had a lot of success with Onward via the Oculus platform for several years via Rift first and Quest recently, and Verdu explained that everyone from Downpour Interactive is moving to the Oculus Studios team, and also confirmed that Onward remains supported. Across all platforms it’s currently available: Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, and Steam.

Dante Buckley, founder and CEO of Downpour Interactive, said in a FAQ via the studios website: The Onward feature roadmap has not changed and the studio plans to accelerate development due to the acquisition, and Buckley indicated that Downpour Interactive continues to retain full control over all development processes.

The acquisition is the latest for Facebook to promote Oculus Studios, in which the multiplayer first-person virtual reality shooter Onward has been the most selling VR game in recent years.


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