What does Super Resolution mean in Photoshop?


Adobe has introduced a feature known as Super Resolution, which is a great technology that uses artificial intelligence to improve the quality of photos in Photoshop, and is a useful way to breathe new life into old shots and print larger images with twice the number of pixels in width and height.

Super Resolution

To build this feature, Adobe trained its AI technology Sensei on millions of real images, then compared the feature to the originals with quarter-sized versions so that the system could learn the best way, and it applies this behavior to your own photos, as well-thought-out guesses are made about how Improve the quality of photos by Photoshop and increase the resolution of these images.

Super Resolution works through the Adobe Camera Raw tool in Photoshop, and Adobe also trained the feature to work on RAW raw images, which is the format preferred by photo enthusiasts and professionals for editing flexibility and image quality, but Super Resolution can work with traditional images, such as JPEG and HEIC Captured by your phone.


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