What does the promo for Marvel superhero Shang Qi say?


Coinciding with the announcement of the advertisement poster and the first trailer for Marvel superhero “Shang-Chi” and issued by Global Twitter, many are waiting for the film to be shown and watched on the big screen, after a number of postponements that accompanied the film due to the Corona pandemic (Covid-19).

But some have questioned the fact that it was chosen to produce such a film, and does the early release of it before other Marvel films have a political significance, in light of the tension between Washington and Beijing, or is the matter limited to art and entertainment and far from all that?

The story of Shan Chi, also known as the Master of Kung Fu (Master of Kung Fu) tells the tale of a fictional superhero who appeared in comic books decades ago. Shang-Chi in The Legend of the Ten Rings.

“Shang Chi” was first announced at the San Diego convention in 2019, and is the greatest annual comedy, science fiction and animation conference.

Because of the pandemic

“Shang Qi” was scheduled to be the third in the calendar of Marvel shows in its fourth stage, but the Corona virus forced the organizers to change the schedule, to be the second film that will be shown during 2021.

According to technical reports, it is scheduled to be presented on September 3, more than a year after its supposed release date.

The movie starring Chinese Canadian actor “Simo Liu”, who embodies the personality of the honorary teacher and master of kung fu. “Shang Chi” has the distinction of being Marvel Cinemas’ first movie starring an actor of Asian descent, which fans have been clamoring for for years.

The film is expected to explore the origin story of Shang Chi, who will face the Mandarin, represented by Hong Kong-born actor Tony Leung Chiu Wai. It is directed by Destin Daniel Creighton and stars Okwafina, Ronnie Cheng and Michelle Yeoh.

Wide welcome

Fans are eagerly awaiting the show, although recent months have only witnessed the emergence of leaked pictures on the Internet, but as soon as the trailer was published, Twitter tweets welcoming the announcement, which some considered the next Marvel icon, and even some games came out in the form of the hero, “Shang Qi.”

The idea of ​​displaying “Shang Qi” has been around since 2008, two years before the launch of “Iron Man”. After 15 years, “Shang Qi” has become a reality, as it stems from a somewhat profound character, who has never before appeared in any film, television program or animated series.

But where did the “Shang Qi” story begin? And what makes him a Marvel’s Master of Kung Fu?

During the kung fu mania in the 1970s, Marvel Comics created its own kung fu hero, Shang Chi and modeled him after Bruce Lee.

In 1973, “Shang Chi” appeared for the first time in Marvel Magazine Issue No. 15, a year before Iron Fest, as Marvel’s first major martial arts champion. Writers Jim Starlin and Steve Englehart wrote the character, and the hero became the star of the kung fu comic book series.

Shang Zhi was born as the son of the criminal mind Fu Manchu and raised in Hunan Province of China. His father secretly sought to use him as a tool to strengthen his criminal empire, so he made sure to make his son a master of Kung Fu, and “Fu Manchu” deceived his son, by deluding him that he was a good man and had noble ideals.

In his early years, Shang Zhi lived a closed life without experiencing the outside world, going through his father’s orbit. But all of that changed abruptly after Shang Qi assassinated a disabled old man on orders from his father, and this was the moment when Shang Qi broke the fist of “Fu Manchu” after realizing the enormity of what he had done, and realizing what kind of person his father really was. Ultimately, he became involved with a private investigation agency where he was finally able to help people in the way he feels comfortable and contented.

Marvel’s SHANG-CHI Kicks into Action with First Trailer

Does Marvel “Shang Qi” have anything to do with politics?

Talking about the real motives for Marvel converting the character of the kung fu master from comics to the big screen is unresolved, especially on the political side, which is witnessing great tension between the United States of America and China. Most of the viewers say that it has nothing to do with politics directly with the production of the film. For ordering other accounts.

The matter also appears in the form of a bigger struggle, in its cultural form. While the West welcomed the advertisement of the film, the promotional advertisement did not receive the same welcome in China, and the people split from it into two teams, one of whom saw in the trailer for “Shang Qi” a subjugation of Chinese culture and its crystallization in the form of American Hollywood It is clear that the film is directed and worked by an American studio and company, and its cast and heroes consist of Asian actors born or raised in the United States and Canada.

On the other hand, with the release of the Marvel movie advertisement, many in China rejoiced at the presentation of Marvel superhero of Asian origin, and even considered it a “victory” for Chinese culture, a strengthening of Chinas global position, and his soft power of purely American industry.


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