What is the principle of sports merit to determine the Egyptian league champion?


The recent period witnesses a number of frequent news about the difficulties facing the completion of the Egyptian we League, amid pressure from the matches and the external participations of the Egyptian team that will affect the next season and compete in the Arab and African Nations Championships.

The new thing that caused controversy is that the CAF sent a letter to the member federations on Monday requesting that the clubs qualifying for the African Champions League and the Confederation be determined by a deadline of June 30, provided that the lists of players be sent from 10 to the end of July at the latest.

We should pay attention to the possibility of applying the principle of sports merit, announced by the terms of the Premier League competition for the current season 2020-2021.

What was the principle of sporting merit that was included in the terms of the league competition when the current season started?

Clause 20 of the conditions, regarding the cancellation of the competition, says that in the event that the competition is canceled or not completed due to compelling circumstances, there are two things

– Before the end of the half of the competition, i.e. before playing 153 out of 306 matches, the results of all teams are canceled and the season is considered as if it had never been, and in that case the Egyptian Football Association sends to the Confederation of African Football the same teams participating in the last version of the African club championships to participate in the version next.

– After the end of the half of the competition, that is, after the staging of 153 matches or more, the last standings of the teams are approved at the time of the cancellation of the competition, and the champion, the golden square teams and the relegation teams are calculated according to the ranking table at the time of the cancellation of the competition, taking into account that in the event that the teams are not equal in the number of matches, the principle of merit Sports before adopting the final ranking. By means of the following equation (the number of points won by each team divided by the number of matches played by each team), and in the event that the teams are equal in points after applying the equation of sports merit, the fourth item in these conditions shall be applied.

In all cases, the same equation is applied to all the teams’ statistics, so that the difference in goals and goals scored is divided by the number of matches played by each team before the provisions of the fourth item were applied, and in the event that direct confrontations between the clubs competing for the golden square and the relegation centers were not completed, the appeal is made to The following standard is in accordance with the fourth clause of those conditions.

According to this text, the condition for holding half of the competition matches has been fulfilled, since the tournament has reached the 19th round and the team with the fewest matches is Al-Ahly. It has already played half of its matches in the league, and the total of the tournament matches so far has reached 169, but there is still a match from the first round. You have not yet gathered Al-Ahly and Al-Ahly in Aswan, set by the Football Association in August.

But on January 25, after a meeting between the tripartite committee that currently manages the Football Association’s representatives, press reports stated that the session witnessed a discussion of the amendment of the sporting merit clause so that the Football Association decided to consider the competition as a one-round competition if the first round matches were fully completed, and not half the number of matches. League or more only.

But is there an application of the principle of mathematical merit in other countries?

Indeed, the principle of sporting merit was applied in the French League last season, as the French government decided to cancel sporting activity on April 28 to counter the outbreak of the Corona virus, and accordingly the General Assembly of the French League met and agreed to apply the principle of sports merit by the majority of votes based on the average points rule, and in the case of More than one club is equal to direct matches.

The same was done in the Belgian League as well, where the competition was ended without completion and Club Brugge was crowned champion of the competition.


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