What is the Urtla Wide Band technology that Google seeks to provide with its upcoming phones?


Google is adding Urtla Wide Band (UWB) technology for Android devices that can launch a new Pixel 6 series of smartphones equipped with the same technology, according to a report issued by 9To5Google.

The report is based on the claims of a developer from XDA Developers, who recently revealed on Twitter that “Google is working to provide UWB support for an upcoming device codenamed” Raven “, and Raven is said to be the codename for the next Google Pixel phone.

According to the report, “Raven” and another device, “Oriole”, will be made by Google this fall, both of which are working on the Whitechapel GS101 chip of Google, “and the UWB technology is already present in the flagship Apple and Samsung phones.

It is a technology that helps in conducting more accurate location tracking and communication such as connecting to a smart speaker just by bringing your phone closer to it, quickly discovering AirTag, etc., as Samsung SmartTags and UWB technology to unlock your car with the help of Samsung, so that the phone acts as a key.

And Google may be trying to expand the competition a little with its tracking toolkit, nothing is known for sure yet, and whatever Google’s vague plans, it will certainly be about improving the tracking feature of its device (s), whichever it may be.


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