WhatsApp now displays more photos and videos


WhatsApp has rolled out a new update to its users that provides a greater view of photos and videos in chats, and this means that the media – received or sent – will appear in a slightly larger format.

The information was shared by WhatsApp itself via a post on Twitter, where the company said, “The photos and videos in WhatsApp are now bigger, so no one will be left out of the photo! This is the perfect reason to smile,” as stated in the WhatsApp post on Twitter. .

The feature is available with version 2.21.80 of the instant messaging application, and it is available for both Android and iOS users, and although the change is small, it can be useful for some WhatsApp users.

In the related news, it was reported that the Facebook-owned messaging platform began to provide support for different operating speeds for voice messages for users of the trial version of Android, and with this feature, voice messages can be played at a standard speed of 1X, users will be able to play audio files at a speed of 1.5X or 2x.


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