WhatsApp shows a new feature for all Android phone users .. Get to know it


All WhatsApp developers continue their work to provide the famous messaging application with many developed and new features, and the release of the messaging application is trying to renew many of the things that all Android phone owners have, which compete with the features found on Telegram.

WhatsApp releases new features for all Android enthusiasts and users

And issued a company Watts Water A new update through the Google Play Store, which carries the version number for all testers of the beta version of the popular messaging program for all Android devices, and this new feature helps provide the features of accelerating the operation of voice messages that come on the platform.

And one of the technical sites confirmed that the new feature is related to the voice messages that are contained in the service, which provides all its users with the ability to listen and play the audio by using various operating speeds through the application and its speed is almost double.

And that this feature helps speed up the updated voice messages, which are monitored by many who use the trial version of WhatsApp on Android phones, and the independent website shared many screen shots for this new feature that appeared on the WhatsApp version, and this feature comes In the form of a small icon next to the voice messages when listening to them.

We also find that many want to activate this variable feature and this is by clicking on the top of the label “1.0x” and next to the presentation bar in the active voice message, and you will be able to choose between the operating speeds which are “1.0x, 1.5x and 2.0x”, and these The features are currently still being tested, and all users may get the rush features for voice message playback soon.


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