“When he makes a mistake, he speaks to me and apologizes.” Sayed Abdel Hafeez: I will delete Greishas Jihad number from my phone (video)


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Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club, said that his team deserves a penalty kick in the match they lost to Ghazl El Mahalla with a clean goal in the Premier League.

Abdel Hafeez added, during his televised remarks: “Referee Muhammad Maarouf overlooked the counting of a penalty kick for Al-Ahly at the beginning of the meeting, after Muhammad Hani’s fall, turned his back on the game and refused to watch the video technology device.”

He continued: “I do not understand the criteria for calculating penalty kicks, balls that the referees refuse to count for us, while they count them to the competitor in a strange way, and the white team complains about arbitration injustice, and 12 penalty kicks have been counted for him, and I do not understand the secret of their objection and any injustice they speak .. It is enough that the referee, Ahmed Al-Adawi, was counted. 5 penalties in 3 matches that he managed to Zamalek ».

He explained: “The match between Zamalek and Pyramids witnessed a strange penalty kick that was considered by the referee, Jihad Greisha, and the same mistakes Greisha made against us. He is satisfied that he apologizes to us. I will delete his phone number because everything that makes a mistake speaks to me and apologizes for his mistake.”

Abdel Hafeez talked about the referee, Mohamed Al-Sabahi, who was an assistant to the video in the Zamalek and Pyramids match, saying: “Once I raised my eyebrows, I got a yellow card and I was fined 50 thousand pounds, while we will not see penalties against what happened from the Zamalek players after the Pyramids match.”


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