“When I work with my husband, I will not take my right … my effort will be wasted.”


Actress Mai Omar revealed the secret of her apology for participating in the series “The Generation of Strangers” with the stars Ahmed El-Sakka and Amir Karara and directed by her husband Mohamed Sami, explaining: “It is not a betrayal, but I still feel that my work with Muhammad is harmful to me and to him, because I feel that my efforts are in the land, because whatever I did anything that I did, my effort, my exhaustion, and they say it was a mediator.

“Omar” added, during her interview with the journalist Basma Wahba, presenter of the “Al-Sira” program, which is shown on the “axis” screen: “I told him,” Please, I do not want to do it, because it is one of the most important works in the month of Ramadan, and Muhammad is a distinguished director and he casts the actors in a different way. ” When I work with him, I don’t get my right enough, and he is with me and I don’t care what people say, and I don’t separate with him. ”

The “Divination” program is an extension of Basma Wahbas Ramadan programs, which depend on uncovering the finest details of the stars and their secrets and showing them the other face, which leads to a great shock to the guests and viewers, from the surprises that she reveals during the dialogue and how she knows the smallest details in the private life of the artists.


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