“When will immunity be achieved after vaccination with the Coronavirus vaccine?” … Consultant


12:16 AM

Monday 03 May 2021

Books – Moataz Abbas:

Dr. Noha Assem, advisor to the Minister of Health and Population for research, said that there are more than a million doses of vaccine that registered citizens have been vaccinated with.

Asim explained, during a phone call to the “Final Word” program, broadcast on the “Extra News” channel, today, Sunday, that whoever received the vaccine should not believe that he had acquired absolute immunity against the Corona virus, adding: “It does not mean that you took a vaccine. In the last short period, it means that you have acquired immunity, because we need some time until we can, both in the period between the first and second dose and beyond, in order to say that there is a specific and clear number that has become immune to Corona virus.

She added that the common misconception among some is that once a vaccine dose is given, he will acquire immunity against the virus, and this is not scientifically correct. Follow-up: “I can say that I have already taken a vaccine after getting the second dose within two to 3 weeks, this is for the Sinopharm vaccine,” she added. As for the AstraZeneca vaccine, the acquired immunity is 75% after the first dose and reaches 95% by obtaining the second dose within 3 months.

She stressed the need to continue to follow precautionary measures among vaccine recipients, noting that the period between the first and second doses of the vaccine is an important and sensitive period, and precautionary measures should be strictly adhered to because the effectiveness of the vaccine has not reached its maximum level.


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