Will the upcoming talks between Egypt and Turkey succeed in normalizing relations between the two countries?


  • Ahmed Shousha
  • BBC – Cairo

Erdogan and Sisi

Photo released, Reuters

Talking about Turkey has become a rare matter in the Egyptian media at the present time, after television programs and newspaper pages did not lose their ferocity in the attack on the Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whether his foreign policies or his management of his country’s affairs, even if the matter was related to the high number of infections with the Coronavirus. .

The current truce appears as a logical response after talking about an expected normalization in Egyptian-Turkish relations, which have remained tense over the past eight years.

Journalists working for Egyptian media that the BBC spoke to say that instructions were received to reduce the tone of the attack on Turkey some time ago.

Turkey has taken several measures to prove its sincere desire for rapprochement with Egypt, including the curtailment of the channels opposing the Egyptian government that broadcast from its territory and the Turkish parliament’s approval of a memorandum on forming a parliamentary friendship committee with the Egyptian parliament.

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