Windows 10 will get new features .. know them


Microsoft has finally added support for the AAC codec for Bluetooth to Windows 10, which makes listening to music online over Bluetooth much better, as AAC or Advanced Audio Codec aims to provide a high-quality audio stream packed into smaller files.

Microsoft also announced this and more is Windows Insider Preview Build 21370, and perhaps another audio feature that was announced is a “unified endpoint”, which means that you will no longer have to switch to multiple audio points when connecting a Bluetooth headset to your Windows 10 device. Your.

There will be only one visual audio endpoint in the user interface which will automatically switch to the most convenient one. For example, users get more than one audio option when connecting a Bluetooth headset to the Windows operating system (such as “AG Voice Hands-Free” And “stereo”) and they have to manually select from among them, which Microsoft calls the audio endpoints, and switch to another one if the audio output doesn’t sound right.

Microsoft plans to completely eliminate the hassle of switching from one to the other and integrate only one audio endpoint into the user interface to make things simple for those who broadcast audio via Bluetooth.

Other changes in Windows 10

There are some other changes apart from the Bluetooth audio that Microsoft provided in detail in the Windows Insider Preview, where Microsoft says it has made “some small adjustments to the icons in the File Explorer title bar.”

Animations for launching the touch keyboard have become smoother “in cases where UWP applications re-broadcast as they appear.” Also, after Windows 10 gets the new update, the touch keyboard will now display a backslash key () When the focus is set to the “Run” dialog box.


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