Yasmine Sabry makes a fuss with the price of her Cartier watch and earrings


The photo of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, wearing red clothes and adorning Cartier jewelry, continues to cause a sensation among her followers.

Yasmine drew attention with her appearance and coordination by choosing a set of precious jewels, as she wore gold earrings from the signature of the Cartier brand at a price of 96 thousand Saudi riyals, or more than 25 thousand US dollars, and completed her appearance with a golden wristwatch of the same international brand at a price of 188 thousand Saudi riyals That’s more than $ 50,000.

The audience interacted widely after trading the price of Jasmine’s precious jewelry and the comments were divided between those who flirt with her beauty and defend her, considering that the pictures are an advertisement and there is no room for criticism, while there are those who criticized the matter, accusing her of exaggerating the display of her husband’s wealth, Ahmed Abu Hashima, at times by riding a private plane. Sometimes, with precious jewelry, or with trips on the launch at sea.


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