Yasmine Sabry with a charming look after the end of mourning for her “second mother,” my lady


The star is back Yasmine Sabry To share her audience on Instagram, more of her charming appearance, after a short period of mourning for her grandmother, who described her as “her second mother.”

Yasmine Sabry
The look of Yasmine Sabry through her Instagram account

Yasmine published three charming pictures of her with a purple view, and her fans noticed that she had published and deleted the post 3 times, and it was later revealed that she was trying to rearrange the display of photos on Instagram so that the look was more beautiful at the front of the photo album.

Yasmine Sabri had previously announced the mourning at the beginning of last week after the death of her grandmother, Karima, confirming that she was the one who raised her and was in the place of her second mother.

Yasmine announced the news of death, through her personal account on Twitter, saying: My grandmother Karima and my second mother who raised me died today, we belong to God and to Him we shall return.

Yasmine accepted condolences from her followers on her Twitter account, who prayed for the deceased with mercy and forgiveness, and Yasmine Sabry and her family with patience.

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