Yasser Jalal reveals to “The Seventh Day” the series that he watches during the month of Ramadan


The star Yasser Jalal told “The Seventh Day”: He follows the series “The Choice 2” by the two stars Ahmed Makki and Karim Abdel Aziz, the series “The Agrabs” by Habibi Al-Sakka and Karara, and the series “The Tiger” by the talented Muhammad Imam and “Alli Malush Kabir” by my beloved Yasmine Abdel Aziz The truth is all sweet series, and I greet them, and I say congratulations to all of us. ”

Yasser Jalal participates in the Ramadan season in the series “Dil Ragel”, written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah and directed by Ahmed Saleh. Halawa, Mohamed Adel, Mohamed Yousry, Ihab Fahmy, Enaam Salousa, Hoda Al Atribi, Essam El Sakka, Magdy Fekry, Rabab Mumtaz, Yasmine Gamal, Ahmed Mounir, Hisham El Shazly, Gamal Youssef and a number of other artists.

Yasser Jalal
Yasser Jalal

Episode 20 of the series witnessed the escape of “Rana Rais” from the house to the house of Dr. Malik “Nour the Lebanese” after she sensed that everything that happened to her father was because of her, and told the doctor Malak that she wanted to get rid of the fetus in order to avoid what happened to her father, but the doctor Malak She tells her that escape is not a solution and that a confrontation is necessary. Shahed “Rana Rais” returns home accompanied by the doctor, Malik “Lebanese Nour,” and apologizes to her mother, Hoda “Nermin Al-Feki.”

The school staff arranges to visit their colleague Jalal in prison, after he was accused in the murder case, with the exception of Professor Farouk, who hates Yasser Jalal and that Ms. Abeer threatens him to file a complaint against him and refer him for investigation after his gloating at Jalal.

While the officer, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, collects information about the murder of Al-Boudi Gard Khamis.

After Khalil Bey, Ghadas father, was reassured that the video was in his possession and that there was no evidence incriminating his daughter in the case of assaulting the witness of “Rana Rais”, he asks Salim to stay away from his daughter, but Ghada holds onto Salim and cries until her father accepts her marriage to Selim. In an interview between Mohamed Yousry and Mohamed Adel, the latter tells him that he does not want to marry Ghada.


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