Yorka: My nomination for “Choice 2” came through the forgotten assassin of the martyr in the first part


Over the course of the episodes of the series “The Choice 2”, 5 of the stars played roles of characters who were the dark side of the events after they betrayed the homeland and betrayed the trust. To “The Seventh Day”: My nomination came through a friend of mine, “Muhammad Yusuf,” known as “Ouzou,” an actor who participated in the first part of the selection and presented the character of the terrorist who killed the forgotten martyr in the first part. He sent me the phone number of the person responsible for selecting and nominating the characters. I went and was a candidate for another role, but when I went to sign, I found that I would sign the role of “the preacher”, the simple peasant who deceives the group and exploits his ignorance and gullibility.

Traitors of Choice (1)
Traitors of Choice (1)

Yorka added: After the first day of filming, praise be to God, the makers of the work praised me at the filming location and filmed the most difficult scene at work on the first day of filming. The character, by the way, is from the writer’s imagination, but it has many personalities similar to it as a form. The character has no history, but it is symbolic for the people who were deceived and the Brotherhood laughed at them and exploited their love for religion and deceived them in the name of religion and in the name of jihad.

Yorka confirmed that one scene in the series “The Choice” includes history. The drama presented at work documents many real events, and I thank God, I received many reactions. Through his page, I thank the distinguished director, Peter Mimi, because he is a director who loves the actor and has a great team behind him and pays attention to every detail and they have great accuracy in what they present.


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