“You have your religion and I have one” – Newspaper Norte


The Lebanese artist participated Elissa With a tweet on her Twitter account on the occasion of a day The Great Friday Which falls on the 30th day of April 30 among the sects Christianity That follow the eastern calendar.

And publication Elissa A picture of Christ on the cross and a writer commented on it: “Like a lamb that was led to the slaughter, and a lamb is silent before the one who shears it. So he did not open his mouth… He gave himself up to death and was counted with the transgressors and he bore many sins …

Other than that, as usual, she did not surrender Elissa Some preachers commented on her tweet by writing: “And if the Son of God is God poor to a sacrifice you claim to forgive his creation and offer his Son as a sacrifice God Almighty says if He will leave you, O great people لا And let him say to others The fate of Jesus and Fahunby is one of the most determined of the apostles.

In turn, she returned Elissa The author of this tweet replied: “You have your religion and I have mine !! Stay in your debt, dear. ”

The owner of the tweet replied again on Elissa Describing his words as freedom of opinion, he said, “I speak to my sister Elissa, about whom our master Jesus, peace be upon him, adore and about my pure mother, Mary, peace be upon her, is this freedom of vision that we learn from you.”


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