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Daily Mail

Chelsea drive away the champions

Chelsea, in fourth place in the Premier League, are six points behind West Ham, their closest stalker, after beating Fulham with two goals scored by Kai Havertz.

The advantage of Chelsea moved him to the qualifying position for the Champions League, but he also put Fulham in trouble after the difference between him and the first places to escape from relegation to nine points before the end of the competition four rounds.

Aguero is ready for Paris

Sergio Aguero announced his full readiness to participate in the next Manchester City match against Paris Saint-Germain in the second leg of the Champions League semi-final.

Aguero participated in the City meeting against Crystal Palace and succeeded in scoring a goal from the team’s double, to confirm his ability to be present in the European meeting a few weeks before his official departure from the team.

The Sun

Henderson will not catch up with the euro

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson will not be able to join the upcoming European Nations Cup with England in light of the need for the coming weeks to qualify.

Henderson is close to returning to participate in Liverpool training, but he needs several weeks to be able to participate in matches, which makes it difficult for him to catch up with the tournament that begins next June.


Cristiano is back

Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo may be the best deal for Manchester United this coming summer, after his return to Real Madrid has become impossible.

Italian and Spanish reports confirmed that Ronaldo will leave Juventus at the end of the current season, in conjunction with initial moves by United officials to offer him a return to the team during the past hours.

Spanish Press


Wenger rejected Real twice

Arsene Wenger stated that he had rejected two offers from Real Madrid to coach the team in order to remain with Arsenal, where he spent most of his career as a coach.

Wenger said: “I have come close to moving to Real Madrid on two occasions, there are not many people who can announce that anymore, but I was associated with a project to build a new stadium to replace Highbury and it needed funding, we all paid for that thing.”

Ronaldo is in an awkward position

Juventus player Cristiano Ronaldo is in a difficult situation due to the financial and sports crisis that the team suffers from in the current season, which makes everyone rethink the situation completely.

Ronaldo is looking for a way out of Juventus in the next period and is looking for possible solutions on the stats, after learning of Real Madrid’s rejection of his return.


Haaland’s transfer to Barca and Real is not impossible

Mino Raiola, Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland’s agent, said his move to Real Madrid or Barcelona is difficult but not impossible.

Raiola said: “This matter is complicated, but it is not impossible. This is the responsibility of the club captain. Making decisions is part of the responsibility of everyone in the club, whether the player or the president, you always have to make the appropriate choice that is in the interest of your club.”

Messi outside Paris priorities

Paris Saint-Germain considers the renewal of the team player Kilian Embaby as his first priority over the possibility of signing Lionel Messi, the Barcelona player.

Paris Saint Germain is communicating with Messi in order to actually move to the team, but it is the second option for him, while the Argentine player has no other options away from Barcelona next summer after Man City backed away from the idea of ​​contracting him.

Italian Press

Calcio Mercato

The problem of society

Juventus coach Andrea Pirlo commented on the attack on his son on social media.

Pirlos son had received death threats on social media due to the decline in the team’s performance under his father’s leadership.

Pirlo said: “I know the suffering facing any public figure and I have been in this environment for a long time. My son has no involvement in the matter and I owe him an apology. We must not look at those who attack from behind keyboards. Social media is the problem of society.”

Quiri dello Sport

Fate of Marotta

Inter CEO Giuseppe Marotta said the reports about leaving the team were not true.

And it was reported that Marotta might return to Juventus at the request of the club’s president, Agnelli.

“No, I continue with Inter at the request of the president, I want to continue here,” Marotta added in comments before his team’s match against Croton.

The French Press

France Football

Al Hilal targets Marija

Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia aims to include Mali Moussa Mariga, Porto striker, as the club is considering a post-French stage, Pavitimbi Gomez.

Marija, 30, whose contract with Porto expires at the end of the season, may tempt him to go to the Gulf from continuing in Europe.


Leonardo attacks

Despite the victory by Paris Saint-Germain against Lens (2-1), Leonardo, the sporting director of the team, attacked the refereeing performance in the match.

Leonardo expressed his dissatisfaction with the match officials between the two halves of the match, stressing that they had not sufficiently protected the Parisian team, especially the Brazilian star Neymar.

German Press


Is Bayern contract with the Liverpool star?

Gigi Wijnaldum entered Liverpool field midfielder accounts for Bayern Munich in order to join him next summer.

Vinaldom’s contract with Liverpool expires at the end of the current season, as the player has not reached an agreement on the renewal of the contract.

Vinaldom is among the interests of several European clubs, most notably Barcelona and Inter Milan, where the player asks for a weekly salary of 200,000 euros.

Dortmund replies

Mystery still dominates the future of Borussia Dortmund’s current top scorer Erling Haaland.

Mino Raiola made new statements about his client’s future saying that Real Madrid has the financial ability to sign Haaland.

On the other hand, Michael Zork, sporting director of Borussia Dortmund, confirmed that Haaland will not leave the team next summer.


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