Zainab Gharib reveals that she was harassed by a vet:


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Actress Zainab Gharib, one of the heroes of the series “B 100 Wesh”, spoke about her exposure to harassment, pointing out that she had received demands for silence and forfeiting her right to defend herself.

“Gharib” said on her personal Facebook page: “When we are brought up as daughters of fear and silence, it happens that someone harasses me today, and it is said to me, either be silent and my promise, or this is sick, and let the forgiver Kareem.”

And she continued: “Especially when he asks for a woman who is dressed exactly like me, I do not understand mothers who if their son was killed, raped, or molested, defend her son and forget that I am in the place of her daughter in his return.”

And she continued: «Really confused between helping the mother and forfeiting my right, and I do not tell her, Hajjah, your son is a harasser and he must succeed, and the strangest thing is that he is a veterinarian, and it seems that he thought of me a cattle buffalo in front of him.

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