Zamalek: Announcing the launch of the stadium next week, and we reject Egyptian arbitration for the summit


Amr Al-Dardiry, the media spokesperson for Zamalek Club, revealed that his club is about to announce the Zamalek stadium project next week, and Al-Dardiry said in a phone call to the Ramadan Stars program with the radio station Najla Helmy and sports critic Mohamed Iraqi on the broadcast of Youth and Sports Radio, “Al-Ahly Stadium is in addition to the stadium map In Egypt, and also on the road, Zamalek Stadium“.

The media spokesperson for Zamalek added, “Next week we will announce the full details of the construction of the Zamalek stadium in the 6th of October City in the club branch there after the final design has been approved .. We signed a cooperation protocol with a company, the drawings of the Zamalek stadium project have ended and we got some approvals and during the next week we will complete the rest. Approvals, and we announce all details

The Zamalek spokesman added, “Al-Ahly and Zamalek will remain the two poles of Egyptian football and the title of all aspects of sports competition in Egypt.”.

The media spokesman added, Zamalek, “We welcome, of course, to confront Al-Ahly at the opening of its new stadium, if we receive an invitation to do so.”“.

“I have no idea that Zamalek had received an invitation to attend the inauguration ceremony of Al-Ahly Stadium. If the invitation had been made, Zamalek would have accepted and his officials would have gone to the party .. Mahmoud Al-Khatib spoke with Imad Abdel Aziz in the handball cup final match about a visit between the two clubs, and the two parties welcomed the matter.”“.

The media spokesman for Zamalek added, “The connections that Al-Ahly and Zamalek are going through and the crowded schedule of matches is the reason for the delay in setting the date for the visit … We are waiting for the Al-Ahly board of directors to visit, and we will respond immediately.”“.

Regarding Ferjani Sassi, the media spokesman for Zamalek said, “The player has a strong desire to stay with Zamalek, and the club also wants to stay, but the meeting point between the two parties and the agreement on the material value of the contract is still in dispute, but Sassi did not sign for Pyramids.”“.

Amr Al-Dardiry confirmed that his club refuses to play the next summit match with Al-Ahly, scheduled for next Sunday, with Egyptian referees, saying, “Zamalek refuses to go to the next summit with Egyptian referees. It does not mean that the first match was played by an Egyptian referee team that we agree to play the second match with Egyptian referees as well.“.

The media spokesman for Zamalek added, “We did not agree to the Egyptian arbitration at the first summit, and some errors appeared in the match, such as wasting time from the opposing team, so we reject the presence of an Egyptian refereeing team for the next summit .. We will address the Football Association in this regard to resolve the matter quickly.”“.


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