Zamalek couples fined in 2003 for the Shikabala celebration … and a last warning


Tariq Yahya, head of the football sectors of the Zamalek club, decided to fine the players of the Zamalek team, born in 2003, the winner of the Republic Championship, who appeared in an offensive image after the celebrations of the Republic Championship with a value of two months from their contract with the club and a fine of the team’s administrator for three months.

Two players from the 2003 team appeared in Zamalek, celebrating in an inappropriate way by referring to the shoe, a reference that Mahmoud Abdel-Razzaq Shikabala, the first-team player, made during the Al-Ahly confrontation in the league championship, and led to his being suspended for two matches by the Competitions Committee of the Football Association.

Yahya stressed that Zamalek is an educational club in the first place, and that he refuses to violate the accepted rules of sportsmanship, and that he respects all the institutions he deals with and does not accept what happened from the young players, and indicated that he gave the players a final warning not to repeat what happened.

Today, Thursday, Hussein Labib, Chairman of the appointed Zamalek Club, received the junior team, born in 2003, and the technical apparatus after it was crowned in the Republic Championship, after defeating Enppi with three goals without a response, in the meeting that brought the two teams together yesterday in the last round of the Republic League, and topped the tournament table with a score of 38 Point.

Hussein El-Sayed, a member of the council, Jamal Abdel Hamid, the general supervisor of the youth sectors, Tariq Yahya, head of the football sectors, Bader Hamed, director of the sector, and Adel, the general supervisor of the goalkeepers, were keen to be accompanied by the President of Zamalek to receive the champions of the Republic.

The club president congratulated the players after Coronation of the Republic Championship They are well-deserved, and he promised them to spend a reward of proficiency for them, wishing them continued success and crowning more championships in the coming period.

Hussein Labib asked those in charge of the sector to prepare a warrant To cash out win bonuses In the Republic Championship, according to the regulation, which stipulates that “two months will be spent for the technical apparatus”, provided that the committee determines the rewards for the players.


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