Zamalek directs 3 demands to the Football Association


Zamalek club made 3 demands to the tripartite committee in charge of managing the Football Association headed by Ahmed Mujahid.

Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Zamalek club management committee, explained that his club is calling for a replay of the Pyramids match, due to what he described as the lack of completion of the match.

He added in statements to Radio On Sport: “The referee indicated that 8 minutes would be added to stoppage time and we only played a minute and a half from them. Therefore, the match must be repeated because it ended before its time.”

Abdullah demanded the necessity of reconsidering the punishment of Imam Ashour: “Did he hit anyone? Despite our refusal to act … But there is a rule that the punishment is proportionate to the act … If you hit someone with the pen, you will be sentenced to death ?!”

Imam Ashour was punished by banning 12 matches, after a video in which the player appeared directing phrases outside during the youth summit.

He continued: “We do not declare wars nor enter into a quarrel with anyone .. Management is wisdom, action, not reaction .. But it is clear that those in charge of the Football Association are ignorant of who the Zamalek club is .. and we can teach them who Zamalek is .. The Football Association creates crises. With Zamalek club, we reject it. ”

And he added: “Players from rival clubs are punished by suspension of 4 matches, and suddenly the penalty for a match is reduced .. A team complains of pressure and its matches are postponed, so what about Zamalek, we also play the same thing amid great pressure .. Are the regulations only applied to Zamalek?”

A member of Zamalek also demanded that the summit match be assigned to a foreign referee: “Ibrahim Nour El-Din, the referee of the Zamalek match and the Arab Contractors, took out the match in a way that wasted time, and to remove Zamalek as a loser, we only played 60 minutes on that day.”

He commented: “I fear the Egyptian arbitration will be attacked by the masses … the Egyptian public bears the error of the foreign referee and does not bear the error of the Egyptian referee.”

He continued: “The club that exposed the most injustice in all games than arbitration is Zamalek Club … but we are trying to control ourselves.”

Ibrahim Abdullah expressed his anger over the attack against the committee in charge of managing Zamalek: “Working in this environment is difficult … They talk about dissolving the committee .. Sir, the committee’s dissolution is a peace of mind for us .. Do not imagine how many interests we attack inside the Zamalek club. We received the club in one million pounds and are now demanding 256 million. ”

He concluded by directing a message to Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee: “Focus on the football industry to produce teams that win championships.”


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