Zamalek Football Association: Jabaliya headquarters is easier than the prosecution


Ahmed Mujahid, head of the tripartite committee in charge of managing the Egyptian Football Association, confirmed that Zamalek’s grievance letter over the punishment of its player Imam Ashour did not reach the federation, indicating that the headquarters of Jabalia is easier than through the Public Prosecution.

And Zamalek club announced this morning, on its official website, that the committee in charge of managing the club will submit a report to the Public Prosecution against the Football Association regarding the misappropriation of the documents of the team’s player, Imam Ashour. (See more details)

During radio statements for the “Al-Wash Al-Thani” program broadcast on Radio On Sport, Mujahid said: “The grievance letter did not reach the Football Association, and the easiest way for the prosecution is to go to the Jabaliya headquarters.

He added: “In all cases, we said very simply, if Zamalek has the grievance letter sent to the Football Association, he comes to Jabaliya headquarters today and says (Oh group, I sold this grievance and no decision has been taken on that issue).”

He concluded: “The matter is easy and simple, even if the grievance fees were not paid, we would have sent the grievance to the grievance committee, and this is what Advisor Adel Al-Shorbaji confirmed.”


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