Zamalek: Greisha “has a precedent” … and stopping the activity is possible


Hisham Ibrahim, deputy chairman of the Zamalek management committee, confirmed the White Castle’s request to investigate the referee, Jihad Greisha, after his performance in the team’s confrontation against Pyramids in the Egyptian We League.

Ibrahim indicated in statements on the Sada Al-Balad channel that Zamalek was subjected to a crude arbitration injustice, marveling at the Football Association’s desire to dedicate the league title to a particular club – as he described -.

The vice president of the White Castle said: “Zamalek was unacceptably unfairly arbitrated. We deserve a penalty kick for Hazem Imam in the final seconds after he was pushed by the hand, but Greishas jihad did not return to the technique of video judgment.”

And he continued: “Jihad Greisha has bad records with Zamalek club, and he had to exclude him from managing any match for the team.”

He added: “If the Football Association wishes to dedicate the league to a specific club, then the competition will end now instead of the millions that are spent. We are exposed to a crude arbitration injustice.”

And he added, “The Zamalek Club Administration Committee calls for an investigation into Jihad Greisha and the announcement of its results after his grave mistakes in front of Pyramids. We are in a permanent session and we will issue decisive decisions.”

He explained: “All options are on the table for us to make decisions after the Pyramids meet. We will not leave Zamalek’s right, as we are men of law and justice. We will not allow the team to be wronged, otherwise it is better not to be in the club.”

And he continued: “Stopping activity in Zamalek? Everything is possible and on the table before the temporary committee, and decisions will be taken after fully studying it.”

He concluded: “Ejecting a player or not dismissing him is a mistake that may be ineffective, but the penalty kick that was denied it by 90% will become our second goal, and therefore it is an effective mistake.”


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