Zamalek management: There are no vigils inside the club and the images circulating are old


The Zamalek club administration denied, in an official statement, what was reported during the past few hours about the existence of a protest stand at the White Castle today, and that what was circulated are old photos that have nothing to do with the situation inside the club today.

The Zamalek administration confirmed that what is being circulated about this matter are unfounded rumors, and that legal measures are being taken regarding the members who published these photos.

The Zamalek management stressed the stability of the situation inside the club and the large number of members flocking to the headquarters of Zamalek Club, while following the precautionary measures followed.

The club management calls on everyone to be accurate in what is published about Zamalek in the current period, in order to preserve the stability of the White Castle.

On the other hand, the Football Association’s Players Affairs Committee rejected the complaint made by Imad Al-Sayed, the former Zamalek goalkeeper, who demanded his eligibility to obtain 600,000 pounds from the club.

Zamalek club submitted its documents in the complaint, and the club’s management succeeded in proving the club’s position with the documents and evidence, prompting the Players Affairs Committee to make a final decision that the goalkeeper was not entitled to the amount, and then notified Zamalek of the decision.


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