Zamalek member: I thank Abdel Hafeez, who confirmed that the Egyptian arbitration is fine … and I ask the Football Association to open an investigation


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Zamalek club management committee, talked about the position of the castle, his club, on the league table for the current season, and his message to Sayed Abdel Hafeez, director of football at Al-Ahly club.

A member of the Zamalek club management committee said on the “Ontime Sports” channel: “Why do we ask for the matches to be postponed? Fair play says that all teams must have equal opportunities, we play a match every 48 hours, and the league stops when there are matches for the national team, and as long as There is no permission, why stop the contest?“.

He continued: “The regulations are what govern us. As for the (Arab) sessions, we do not know them, and we demand that the regulations be applied to everyone.”“.

He continued: “I thank Sayed Abdel Hafeez, who confirmed that the Egyptian referee is fine, and that Jihad Greisha apologizes after every match, but I tell him, with all due respect to you, he did not apologize to you yesterday because he did not make a mistake and did what you wanted, and did not complete the 8 minutes lost time and returned the penalty kick.”“.

He added: “The Football Association always chooses referees against Zamalek, does the federation oppose us? I say to Ahmed Mujahid, you have a very important tournament, which is the Olympiad. Focus on preparing the team in order to win a medal and not think about Zamalek, since you took charge and all your decisions against us in a stubborn and strange way.”“.

He continued: “Al-Ittihad thinks that Zamalek is an orphan. We are behind us broad fans, and I say to Ahmed Mujahid, how many players from Zamalek are in the Olympic team? And the first team in the World Cup? And the handball team?”“.

He concluded: “Will Sayed Abdel Hafeez insult him ?, This is a sincere man, I am against this position, and I ask Ahmed Mujahid to investigate the referees committee after these statements.”


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