Zamalek: Photos of the vigils are old


The Zamalek Club Administration Committee denied the rumors of the existence of protest vigils inside the White Castle during the past hours, which have spread pictures on social networking sites.

In a statement published on the official website, Zamalek management indicated that the images circulating of the incident are old and have nothing to do with the situation inside the club today, Saturday.

The Zamalek administration confirmed that what is being circulated in this regard is nothing but unfounded rumors, pointing to legal measures being taken against the members who published these photos.

The Zamalek management stressed that the situation inside the club is completely stable, in light of the influx of a large number of members to the headquarters in Mit Uqba, while following all precautionary measures against the Corona virus.

Zamalek management concluded its statement by the necessity of investigating accuracy in what is published about the club during the coming period in order to maintain its stability.


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