Zamalek reveals the position of Mustafa Mohamed from the return and the departure of Ferjani Sassi


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee in charge of managing Zamalek, announced the continuation of the goalkeeper of the first team, Mohamed Awad, and that he did not request the termination of his contract with the club.

Ibrahim Abdullah confirmed, in a telephone interview with the stars program in Ramadan with the radio station Najla Helmy via Youth and Sports Radio: “Muhammad Awad did not request the termination of his contract, but rather he is asking for an urgent payment of his late dues to the club because he is undergoing special circumstances, which is a real matter, as he has a crisis that I know well.”

A member of the Executive Committee in Zamalek continued: “There are no reciprocal deals between Zamalek and Pyramids regarding Traore and Fergani Sassi, and there is no word at the present time in the White Castle about deals, but the season of players’ agents has begun.”

Ibrahim Abdullah continued: “Ahmed Mujahid did not inform Zamalek to reduce or cancel the punishment of Imam Ashour, as he hesitated, and we do not have a crisis with Al-Ahly in handball regarding the player Ibrahim Al-Masry, as he fought the summit while he was passive Corona and Zamalek wins championships by race and not by protesting against the participation of a player.”

Regarding the Galata Saray negotiations to buy Mustafa Muhammad, Ibrahim Abdullah said: “Galatasaray al-Turki did not open negotiations with us to transfer Mustafa Muhammad’s loan for sale completely until now.


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