Zamalek spokesman: Zizou will not make a breakthrough if he goes to Al-Ahly


Amr Dardir, a spokesman for Zamalek club, confirmed that Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the team’s player, would not make a breakthrough if he moved to Al-Ahly club, indicating that the team’s players must win the League and Cup championships in order to increase their contracts.

Al-Dardir said in statements to “Ontime Sports 1”: “The spirit of sports must prevail in the coming period, but it should be on everyone, not just from one side.”

He added: “The sporting spirit is lost when there is no justice, and we demand justice from the Football Association, and there is no reaction without action, and the reaction that is Shikabala took two punishments and the action that the Al-Ahly fans took only one penalty .. God is great to the Football Association “.

And the Zamalek spokesman continued: “If the players of Zamalek want to increase their contracts and increase their stars, which started in the Zamalek club, they should win the league and the cup.”

Al-Dardir concluded his remarks: “Zizou if Al-Ahly goes to Al-Ahly, and this conversation if it moves to Al-Ahly, but it is difficult for a player to move to the opposing team because of the board of directors of the two teams and the sensitivity of the fans. And the biggest evidence of this is electrification. ”


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