Zamalek threatens to stop sporting activity: “We are subjected to injustice and there is collusion against us.”


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Hisham Ibrahim, Vice President of Zamalek Club, confirmed that the committee would not leave the club’s right.

“If the federation wants to give the league to a specific club, it must inform the clubs because of the huge expenses that they bear,” Hisham said during televised statements.

He continued, “We are subjected to injustice by most of the federations, and we will not leave the club’s right. We are men of law and the judiciary. Have laws and regulations enacted to punish Zamalek only, without the other clubs?”

And on the statement of the Hand Union: “There are 4 teams in the Hand Cup, and we do not know who will qualify for the final. However, Al-Ahly was counted as champion of the Cup last season, there must be fair standards.”

He continued, “There is collusion that occurred, and Zamalek’s grievance against Imam Ashour was hidden from the Appeals Committee.”

He added: «Stopping activity in Zamalek? The council is in a permanent session and everyone will know the decisions and everything is possible and on the table.

He concluded: “Carteron continues in his position and football has wins, draws and losses.”


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