Zamalek: We are subjected to injustice in all games … and why was Al-Ahly crowned?


Hisham Ibrahim, deputy chairman of the Zamalek club management committee, confirmed that all of his club’s teams are subject to injustice from the local federations responsible for the Egyptian championships.

Ibrahim indicated in statements via the Sada Al-Balad channel that Al-Ahly did not deserve to obtain the Egyptian Handball Cup title for last season, according to the decision of the local federation of the game.

The White Castle deputy said: “Zamalek is being oppressed by all the local federations. How is Al-Ahly awarded the Egyptian Handball Cup title ?!, There are four teams still in the semi-finals.”

He concluded: “Zamalek won the handball league championship because we were the leaders and therefore we are more deserving, but the Egypt Cup there are still four teams in the same round, so how is it awarded to Al-Ahly?”


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