Zamalek: We may not continue our league matches in protest of punishment


1:43 AM

Monday 03 May 2021

Books – Ali Al-Bahji:
Amr Al-Dardir, head of the Zamalek club’s media system, attacked the reported failure of the club to submit a grievance to reduce the punishment of Imam Ashour, the club’s first-team soccer player.

The Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association issued its decisions regarding the necessary penalties in the widespread video incident of a number of Zamalek players within the team born in 1999.

The penalties included stopping Imam Ashour for 12 matches and a fine of 200,000 pounds, in addition to stopping 5 other youths, 8 matches, and a fine of 100,000 pounds for each of them.

“Zamalek may not participate in the rest of its matches in the league in protest against the decisions of the Football Association in the crisis of Imam Ashour,” Dardir said in statements to the Tala fans program on Ontime Sports.

He added, “The meeting of the Zamalek board of directors is still taking place and decisions have not come out yet, and the council is upset about what is happening with the unilateral committee that manages football in Egypt.”

And he continued: “The talk about not sending Zamalek club to appeal against the punishment imposed on Imam Ashour is” funny “and I was surprised by the position of the Football Association against the club and deliberately delayed issuing the decision.


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