Zamalek: We refuse to cancel the league | Alakcorh


Hussein Al-Sayed, a member of the temporary committee of Zamalek club management, confirmed that he demanded at the FIFA meeting to achieve the principle of equal opportunities between all clubs and all clubs to play their postponed matches.

Al-Sayed added in statements to the Zamalek channel: “I did not announce, after the Football Association meeting, that Zamalek withdrew from the league because some teams did not play their postponed matches.”

And he continued, “What I said in the text, we may find it very difficult to not be able to complete the league until after the rest of the clubs play the deferreds.”

He explained, that the idea of ​​canceling the league is rejected and we did not address it in the Football Association meeting, pointing out that the clubs agreed not to play matches without international players except for Al-Ahly.

And he continued: “In my view, ending the league on August 15 or 25 will be difficult, and the championship will continue until next September.”

Al-Sayed concluded: “We will seek Carteron’s opinion on playing league matches before the rest of the clubs play their postponed matches.”


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