Zamalek: Why do you postpone Al-Ahly matches only?


Ibrahim Abdullah, a member of the Executive Committee of the Zamalek Club, believes that there is a stalking of the White Castle in the decisions of the Football Association. One of the most important tributaries of the national teams, and our role is to preserve this fortress and defend their rights. Management is wisdom and action, not reaction, and we act.

He added: It is clear that those responsible for football are ignorant of the position of the Zamalek club on the sports map, and we explain to them, we do not like to live in the role of the oppressed, I am Zamalekawi, I am strong and I win with my race, and I used to respect the opponent and win the championship by race on the field, but I also learned that the ball is governed by the regulations.

Wasel: His defect is from rival clubs that are punished and suddenly punished, and matches are postponed to a specific team due to pressure, and this is against the Fire Play, all clubs must have the same opportunity.

He continued: the contractor match. I laughed when the media spokesman Ibrahim Noureddine told me that every whistle would be long to appear in the camera, and in the Pyramids match, wasted time is an integral part of the application of the regulations and you intercepted the match was not completed, so we are committed to replacing it.

Regarding the penalty of stopping Imam Ashour, a member of the Executive Committee said: We also demand to reconsider the punishment of Imam Ashour, which is hitting a border with fire, with no sympathy for the player’s behavior, there is no proportionality to the punishment with the act, and we submitted the grievance on its legal dates, but the Federation does not have a system, the Football Association He creates crises with Zamalek and we reject them.

He added: All that happens from the Football Association is the absence of the role of the General Assembly of the Egyptian Football Association, the owners of the league are the ones who must set its regulations, and I say to all the clubs, Al-Ahly, Ismaili and Al-Masry, welcome to Zamalek to discuss the conditions of Egyptian football to force the official who we do not know who brings his strength from where What the league clubs want.


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