Zeenat Sedky .. Stations of pain in the life of the Queen of Comedy .. Video


Today, May 4, is the birth anniversary of the artist, Zeenat Sedky, who achieved an artistic career full of distinguished works and roles, throughout her period of work in art until her death, and she is one of the most prominent artists who introduced comedy in Egyptian cinema.

She presented most of her on-screen roles about the woman in search of marriage, and Zeenat Sedky went through many fluctuating stages in her life. She achieved great successes and participated in multiple works, but at the same time she suffered from a lack of work at the end of her life.

The artist, Zeenat Sidky, faced many crises before her departure, and despite the fame, the last days of Zainat’s life came full of pain and sadness, as she suffered from loneliness and disease.

The late President Mohamed Anwar Sadat honored her in 1976 on the Art Festival, and she left our world after being infected with water on the lung on March 2, 1978.


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