Zizou, Abdullah Jumaa and Jenash ignite the anger of Zamalek fans for Al-Ahly (video)


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Ahmed Sayed Zizou, Abdullah Jumaa, and Mahmoud Jensh, 3 players from the Zamalek team, who have a distinguished level in the white ranks, but the recent period has become a source of provocation for Zamalek fans, who love the white shirt, especially after their appearance at different times to the Al-Ahly players, and some of them, such as Ahmed Sayed Zizou, wish , Playing next to Mohamed Magdy Qafsha.

The story of the three players from Zamalek provoking their fans began since Mahmoud Jensh said that Mohamed El-Shenawy, Al-Ahly’s goalkeeper, is the best in Egypt, avoiding praise for his colleague Mohamed Abu Jabal, passing through Ahmed Sayed Zizou’s talk about his desire to play next to Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, which many considered to be a success In a way for the tetch pack in the way of electrocution, and finally Abdullah Jumaa’s appearance and praise for Qafsha.

Abdullah Jumaa, player of the national team and the Zamalek team, apologized to Al-Ahly fans after the Egyptian Super event that was held in the brotherly UAE.

Abdullah Jumaa said during a television interview on Sunday evening: “I am sorry for all Al-Ahly fans, and I know that Al-Ahly fans love me, and this was my first mistake, and you are my sisters from young to old.”

Abdullah Jumaa, the player of the national team and the Zamalek team, provoked the fans of his team after publishing his pictures with the Lebanese presenter, Razan Maghribi, announcing his television appearance in one of the entertainment programs during his team’s meeting against Pyramids, which ended in a positive tie 1/1 during the meeting that brought them together on Sunday evening within Competitions of the 19th week of the life of the Premier League competition.

The comments received by the player after publishing 3 photos with the Lebanese broadcaster after his team lost two points in the league’s career race, most of which attacked him, especially since the technical staff of the Zamalek team, led by French Patrice Carteron, confirmed that the player would be absent from the meeting because of the injury, which was questioned by the white fans. Forcing the player to close the Comments.

What angered Zamalek fans, Abdullah Gomaa responded to his question about the identity of the best player in Egypt, who said: “Mohamed Magdy Afsha is the best in Egypt, an intelligent player,” likening the Al-Ahly star to Abdullah Al-Saeed, the Pyramids game maker, during his era with the Red Devils.

Ahmed Sayed Zizou, the player of Zamalek, appeared on one of the programs talking about his wish to play next to Mohamed Magdy Qafsha, and he published pictures of Al-Ahly players, Qafsha, and Mohamed Sharif, which provoked Zamalek fans.

The photo met with great interaction by the fans of the two clubs on social media, where Zamalek fans attacked the player, and considered that he was hinting at his desire to move to the traditional rivals Al-Ahly.

What increased the anger of Zamalek fans was that the picture came with Mohamed Magdy “Qafsha”, who scored the goal of Al-Ahly’s victory over Zamalek, in the 2020 African Champions League final, a goal that was known among the masses “Judge is possible”.

He said Mahmud Abdul Rahim جنش, guard goal the team the first In a club Zamalek, that Mohammed Al-Shennawi, guard goal Club Ahly, he is guard Egypt the first Currently Without Disputed, Pointing to me that Al-Shennawi he is the only The the level Constant On Orbit Year Full.

و .وضح جنش, at Remarks With The “Allaib” program, on “MBC Egypt”, that Al-Shennawi guard Special, AndNo I compliment him و .قول Truth aNot Best.

وثع: «People do you love me because Haqqani, AndAl-Shennawi Best guard at Egypt”.


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