10 “donkeys” were found dead in a canal in Menoufia… and security reveals the mystery


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The Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of the discovery of a number of dead animals “donkeys” in one of the waterways in Menoufia, and the arrest of the perpetrator of the incident.

The Ministry of Interior said in a statement this morning: “Within the framework of the efforts of the ministry’s agencies to uncover the circumstances of what was reported to the Tala Police Station in the Menoufia Security Directorate regarding finding a number of dead animals (donkeys) dumped in one of the waterways in the center’s department, by moving and examining and by asking (farmers) it was decided that While he was on his agricultural land facing the place of the find, he discovered the presence of (10) dead animals (donkeys) lying in the aforementioned waterway.”

He added: “With the intensification of investigations, the perpetrator of the incident (agricultural worker) was identified. After legalizing the procedures, the security services in the Menoufia Security Directorate were able to arrest him, and by confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, and added that he had purchased sick and recently deceased donkeys in order to obtain their skins, and re-use them in the manufacture of drums and screens. The yield was made manually, and (8) donkey skins were seized, and legal measures were taken.

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